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Kimono Cuff Bracelets

We love vintage kimono fabrics and Japanese cottons at Cheeky Leopard. They lend themselves so beautifully to many different products in my store, including these fabulous cuff bracelets. I've recently been replenishing my collection of cuffs and decided to go for a wider width which shows off more of the fabric and also makes more of a statement.

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I'm naturally drawn to bright colours and with each bracelet I like to take my time to choose the right fabric print and the best placement for that print. The design can't be too big, otherwise you won't see enough of it in such a small space.

Each cuff has a canvas strap inside. This gives it strength, but also means that it is flexible so that it fits around the wrist easily. I back each one with a solid cotton fabric, using a colour that compliments the main design.

Each cuff is held closed with a complimentary kimono-covered button and brightly coloured elastic loop. The elastic means that the cuff can expand to fit different-sized wrists.

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